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iKO is the world leader in roofing, water proofing, and insulation products. They have head quarters in Canada and locations worldwide. iKO are suppliers of premium roofing products to over 96 countries. iKO has manufacturing plants in Canada, the United States, England, Belgium, Holland, France and Slovakia. iKO is known for its residential roofing with its premium collection including the architectural shingles. iKO is also famous for commercial flat roofs, industrial roofing, waterproofing products, and so on.

IKO Roofing Manufacturer

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iKO offers residential roofing with premium collection of laminated architectural shingles. iKO residential shingles last for years in extreme weather and wind conditions in Impact resistant models. The shingles have builtin algae-resistant granules that prevents mold on your roof. The PRO4 roofing system has four layers: Eave protection, underlayment, roof starters, and ridge cap shingles - to guard your shingles.



iKO combines waterproofing characteristics of premium grades of asphalt with state-of-the-art polymer technology. The result is a modified bitumen membranes which exhibit enhanced low temperature flexibility, elongation, and moisture resistance. The commercial products are built with local building standards and climates. iKO commercial products have provided waterproof plant areas and roof terrace space for worldwide customers.



iKO has wide variety of options for residential and commercial roofing. For example starter strips, ridge cap shingles, ice and water protection options, and so on are available in residential roofing. In commercial roofing option include, heat welded membranes, eco membranes, fire rated cap sheets, built-up roofing, overlay boards, specialty cover boards, and so on. Multiple color options are also available based on your choices.



Select Roof

iKO has interactive tool to select your roof. RoofViewer™ enables customer to choose from different options available and customize according to their preferences. Users can select standard homes available in the tool or upload a picture of their own home. User can choose from premium designer shingles, architectural shingles, and traditional shingles. There is an option to compare your choice with the original design! The Roof Viewer™ then lets the user choose options and view different pictures before making a final decision.




iKO's catalog has numerous options for its customers. The different shingles available are Cambridge, Dynasty™, Crowne Slate, Armourshake, Royal Estate, and so on. The color options include dual black, charcoal grey, harvard slate, dual grey, dual brown, weatherwood, driftwood, aged redwood, vintage green, and so on.


iKO offers different options for each of its roofing components to enhance the product. Different iKO warranties are also available such as Limited Warranty, Iron clad protection, Limited wind warranty, Limited high wind warranty upgrade, Algae resistant, and so on.


Olde Town Group


Olde Town Group is the largest roofing, siding, and general contractor in the MidWest. Their roofing division has completed several high-profile projects in the area. Many historic renovations are accomplished by the family owned business. Contact Olde Town Group for all your interior and exterior home improvement projects.


Olde Town Roofing is the leading provider of IKO Roofing in the Midwest. As an IKO Shield Pro Plus™ Contractor, Olde Town Roofing can provide you with better warranties, better products and better service. Don't put the same old boring roof on your house – with Olde Town Roofing, you can have premium shingles at a price you can afford. Call us today for your free consultation! Ask for special IKO warranty offered by Olde Town Roofing that will cover your new shingles 100% for the first ten years and further. Olde Town Roofing is the Certified IKO ShieldPRO plus+ ™ Professional Roofing Contractor. Find Olde Town Roofing on IKO Network and have a worry-free roof over your top. Call Olde Town Roofing at 3097385550 or 3095171676 for more information.